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Scholarship Statement

My scholarship centers on the intersection of digital composition and writing programs, especially in regards to pedagogical approaches to teaching writing. Please review my in-depth scholarship statement and trajectory by clicking here.

Recent Publications

I am very proud of my publication record, particularly my 2017 piece in College Composition in Communication, "How Rhetoric and Composition Described and Defined New Media at the Start of the Twenty-First Century" and my 2015 piece in Computers and Composition, “Speaking of Composing (Frameworks): New Media Discussions, 2000-2010.”

I have a recent piece published in the Journal of Literacy and Technology, and I have a collaborative piece forthcoming in the spring 2020 issue of Praxis: An International Writing Center Journal.


Scholarship Assessment

In the fall of 2018, Dr. Ethna Lay of Hofstra University, acted as an external evaluator of my scholarship in the field. Her evaluation of my work is accessible by clicking here.

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