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I approach my teaching from a social epistemic perspective in which students write to learn, collaborate to construct knowledge, and engage in service-learning projects to develop their civic engagement. My classes focus on task/activity-based writing, and their writing is frequently digital in nature and dissemination.To read more about my teaching philosophy, please click here.

My Philosophy

Current Course Syllabi

Click on the course names to review my current course syllabi for this term.

EN 502.50: Seminar in Literary Theory

EN 442.01: English Language and Linguistics

Courses Regularly Taught

General Education

College Composition | EN 100 | EN 101 | EN 102

First-Year Seminar

Interdisciplinary Cultural Heritage


Various colleagues across the institution have had opportunities to observe my teaching philosophy in action via classroom observations. Please click here to access these observations.


EN 384: Language and Community**

EN 387/388/389: Experiential Education in English**

EN 399: Independent Study in English

EN 442: English Language and Linguistics**

EN 475: Writing New Media**

EN 491: Seminar Capstone in English

EN 499: Independent Study in English, Honors Thesis

EN 498/598: Special Topics in English: Visual Rhetoric

EN 502: Seminar in Literary Theory

EN 547: Definitions of Contemporary Rhetoric**

EN 550: Feminist Theory and Criticism

EN 619: Writing for the World Wide Wed**

EN 691: Thesis Development

EN 692: Thesis Writing

**Service-Learning Course Designation with Public Writing Exsperiences

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